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Carnival of Expats 5!

Carnival of Expats 5 is about to beging!

If you're curious as to what a Carnival of blogging is, check out my rather muddled explanation.

This week's topic: More practical than some in the past, but something I think a lot of people who are planning on being expats themselves would find useful. Tell us about what things you did in terms or preparation before you left to become an expat... and what would you do differently, knowing what you do now.

(I'll admit, it's selfishness on my part: I would have killed for this information when I was planning on going to China.)

I look forward to reading varied responses on Monday!

Note: Any expat can contribute a post and get linked. Don't feel obligated to respond to every Carnival! But, the more repsonses, the funner it will be!

Note 2: A reminder that Phil has graciously agreed to do a month of hosting starting December 16. If you think you're up to a month of hosting in January, let me know!

Note 3: We are now listed on Bog Carnival, specifically here.

Note 4: We have also been invited to list on Word of Blog, but they want a logo, and I cannot draw. Any takers?


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