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Carnival V: Making a List

A short and sweet entry into this week's Carnival of Expats, where we focused on what we did before we left, and how we'd do it differently.

Phil, preparing for Yet Another International Move, advised on what to take with you:

I'm packed up my apartment to relocate from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. It me took 20 minutes. This is my 4th move overseas and I've got it down to fine art. There is only one tip to know.



Whereas I talk about how incredibly unorganized I was when leaving the country, both times. And how *this time* I'll be better prepared. Honest.

La la la, everything is fine, I'll just get my passport sorted out. La la la, I really should spend more time planning this. La la la, oh my, I just accepted a job in China and have two weeks to get everything sorted out.

*insert blind panic here*

{Anna Overseas}

And Don talks about not having enough time to have sorted everyting out, despite having planned to move for months before buying his ticket.

If I had to name a few key points which I would have wanted to do differently it would have been time, better arranging of details like bills, more time, and yet more time.

{Ponderings from Afar}

Thanks to everyone who particpated this week! I'd like to remind everyone that next week, Phil takes over hosting for the next month over at Sheepdip, but the main blog over at Carnival of Expats will continue to be updated with the topics and the results.

Have a great week!


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