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I was planning some post about the differences between December in Edmonton and December in Edinburgh, but I got distracted by the colourful umbrellas.

And that's the thing... in Edmonton, umbrellas as a whole are dull and black and drab. Here, a dull umbrella is unusual. Yesterday, waiting for the bus, I was passed by bright blues, a fuschia one, and one that was clear with raindrops on the plastic. My chicken umbrella does not stand out here.

The one I covet, though, is the one I saw a little kid with the other day. It's a froggie one where the eyes pop up on the top. Oh, I want... too bad it's morally wrong to rob small children of things, because I haven't seen one to buy yet.

Not that I don't love my chicken umbrella. It has a special power, you see. If I remember to bring it, it doesn't rain. The days I don't have it? Pouring down in buckets.


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I think that you get the frog ones at Ikea, you can get ladybird ones too....

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