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London Bridge

So, tomorrow is London Day, and I'm really excited! I know, 1 day is not enough time to see London. One day might not even be enough time to do a few things in London, but I'm really excited. It's entirely possible I'll spend the whole day in wide-eyed contemplation of the buildings, muttering to myself about how excited I am to be in London. Because I am such a touristy girl that way. *grin*

One of the things I find strange and wonderful about living in the UK is the museums. The vast majority of them are free, on theory (so I understand) that the collections belong to the people, so everyone should be able to see them. Quite a far stretch from Canada, where some museums are vastly overpriced for what you see. (Sorry, sorry, Bitter Girl here about Museums, just ignore me.)

But, yeah, I will hit at least one museum, I'm going to try and take one of the London Walks that people keep recommending to me, might cave and hit Harrod's just to say I've been, and will be hitting the Museum of the London Underground just because... well... because I'm a Neverwhere fangirl, actually. Well, and because I'm fascinated by Ghost Stations, which I suspect will be mentioned in the Underground Museum. (Ghost Stations: Abandoned metro or underground or tube or LRT or whatever stations. Saw one when I was in Paris and have been fascinated by the idea ever since. But I am odd that way.)

The big thing I must remember to do is pack a lunch. If there's one thing I've learned about going on daytrips, or even weekend trips, is bring your own food. I can sit in Trafalgar square and eat homemade bread and apple butter, and thus save myself some cash. I'll probably end up catching coffee in some cunning little coffee place, but I hate paying as much as you do for lunch in places like London, or Linlithgow, or Cardiff or anyplace else I've gone. I took some lunches with me when I was wandering around Glastonbury and the like, and it made a difference both cost-wise and energy-wise.

The only thing I'm dreading about tomorrow is the 4 a.m. wakeup call to make it to the airport for my flight. I think I'll sleep on the plane.

PS: If anyone wants postcards from London, chances are I will have purchased about 200 of them, and will be happy to pop them into the mail for you. Just drop me an email with your snail mail!


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have great time!
one day to cram it all in, one day to do nothing but just take it in! either way it sounds good....and touristy is a good way to be...i think 'tourist' ways are severely undervalued courtesy the Great Travel v Tourism snobbery

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