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London Calling

So, it's like this:

I'm free as a lark for the two weeks that the school is closed, and although I have plans for part of that (being that Christmas and Hogmanay are in the middle), I've got nutin' for the rest of the time. Even my usual gaming is on haitus until January, which leaves me with a hunk of spare time. And as we all know, I handle boredom about as well as your average four year old.

So, I was fooling around on the net, checking cheap air fares, and I found amazingly cheap flights to London. Cheaper than cheap. I would spend more money on caffeine for the flight cheap.

I got to thinking: Why not go to London for a couple of days of the holiday?

I did come up with several reasons not to, of course. I have friends coming across in March that want to go to London, and I was kinda saving it for when the get here. I should really be saving up my pennies for my get-away trip in January. I might have a miserable time. I don't know, there are always reason. I'm good that.

So, I leave it up to you. Should I go to London? And if I do... what should I do there? I mean, will going to see Big Ben by myself mean I won't enjoy it when my friends come over? Should I avoid the Crown Jewels at all costs? What are some funky and fun things that either you've done in London, or would love to do? I open my planning to you.

Should Anna go to London for 2 days at the end of December?
Only if the tickets there and back really are 2 pounds plus taxes
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Never been to London myself, but I can imagine it would be so much more fun and interesting going with friends instead of alone.

Well if it's cheap..... I can never resist sales.

You could consider the solo Christmas trip a reconnoitre, to plan your friends’ visit for later. I lived there alone for 12 months and while it is nicer to see things with friends, there is much that can be done alone. Try “London Walks” every day while you are there. Fab.

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