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Melrose Abbey

I'm going to Melrose Abbey tomorrow. I've got a few days off work (starting at noon today, and yay! for that) and I'm rather determined to fill them up with much stuff and things and enjoyment. Bloody-minded determination tends to get me through where angels fear to tread, and all that.

What's amusing is why I'm going to Melrose Abbey. See, when I was off in Kelso, specifically at Floors Castle, I noticed a painting there of a ruined abbey. I thought at first it was Lindisfarne, or maybe even the fallen abbey in Kelso itself, but taking a closer look, I realized it wasn't. I stared at it for a while, but there were no clues to this beautiful, romantic looking site. I finally caved and bought a guidebook just so I could look up that particular painting.

It is, of course, of Melrose Abbey.

Now that Margery's up, I have an excuse to go out there and see it with her, so that's what we're doing tomorrow.

I really do just let whim dictate my daytrips, don't I?


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and thats just fine:)

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