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On Boredom

Being that I handle boredom about as well as your average 4-year-old, I've been trying to fill up my time between Christmas and when I go back to work in early January. It's exciting, becuase there is a lot of things to do at this time of year here (so unlike Edmonton, where there is nothing to do but shop).

So far, my exciting schedule looks a bit like this:

December 27th: Take Margery back to the aiport in Glasgow. Wave lots.
December 28th: Go to Glasgow again (maybe) to meet up with someone to do some skating.
December 29th: Day trip to London
December 30th: There's some Hogmany lead up stuff I want to do.
December 31st: Hogmany, which will involve having Myles come over to make Haggis. There is also a party I've been invited to after Hogmany. Must remember not to eat the brownies. I suspect the less said about that, the better.
January 1st: Something involving jumping into the Firth of Fourth. Must try and get that finalized.

Wow, I've got more figured out than I thought....

I still have to entertain myself till January 4th, though, which is when school starts up again.



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