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One of Those Days

I had one of those days today. You know, the ones where you feel all happy and cheerful and giggly and do fun things, just because you can.

This was my afternoon, in pictures.

A Sign of the Times I made a beeline for the German market immediately after getting off the bus. Work ended at noon today, so I had plenty of time to finally see this place during the day. It wasn't as packed as it has been when I've gone past on weekends, and I'm glad I made it out. Lots of people spending money, having fun, and riding the various rides that come with the Edinburgh Christmas Experience.

One Stop Santa Shop There are lots of cunning little shops that set up. I realize now that I failed to take a photo I should have, of one of the hat stores, but we'll go with what we have. The shops range from this, and places that specialize in Christmas decorations, to a place that sells rock crystal lamps, and another one that sells pirate ship cutouts for your wall - they really dance. The shops are a lot of fun, and although I'm certain that the staff is bored to tears by this point, they're all very friendly.

Mulling I stopped for two things along the way: Crepes (of course) and mulled wine. Last time I was here, I had a glass of mulled apple wine, and it was okay. The stuff I had today, though, was wonderful. Served in little cups with a lemon floating inside, it tastes just like I think mulled wine should taste. I made some of it myself this Christmas, so I was really impressed with this stuff.

Mulled The cups are pretty cute, too.

The hilight, though, for me was a bit later. I poked around in a few more of the shops, and made my way gradually towards the hat shop near the end. I've been looking for something cute for a while, but everything I tried on just looked silly on my head. But today, I hit the mother load. The reason to wait:

I have a hat!

Is this not the most cunningly wonderful hat ever? I love it! It's the best, and I adore it to pieces. I want to hug it and kiss it and call it Nessie. I'm considering getting a little Santa hat to put on Nessie's head.

But, my day of fun was not over yet. Since, you know, I'm four, I had to ride the rides. I plunked down my 2 pounds and got myself a ride on the carousel.

Musical Ride
Not the best picture ever of me, but don't I look happy? I had a great time, and you can totally see the rest of Nessie's tail going down my back.

You can see the rest of the photos of my day here.

So, that was my afternoon off. How was your day?


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I adore the hat. It's so you. Glad you had fun!

..and now people are wondering why I'm giggling madly at work.

yes, you need to buy nessie a santa hat. really.

I got up early with the kids, and put in a video for them while I lazed on the couch. Then I made pancakes for the family, Raven got up and took Kale off to buy presents for all her friends, and I spent the rest of the day making homemade soup, sysadmin buns, gluten-free sysadmin buns and tidying the house for Friends and Fiends tonight. So my day was at least as good as yours, though I'll admit mine lacks a wonderous hat.


I love the market, and chased my pair around it the other day. They liked the fair MORE, but there's something almost...wonderous about that market. It gets better, in my opinion, every year :)

Merry Christmas!

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