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But first: Carnival VII is all about Christmas. Hosted by Phil again this week, the topic is up on the expat blog.

This is a request to people who knew back when I was in China and, you know... being all angsty and thoughtful and stuff. (I spent way too much time in China pondering the nature of faith, frankly. Does everyone who travels alone do that?) I'm wondering if you could possibly track down any postcards I sent you (should you still have them) and either photocopy the back of them or scan them and email them to me? If you're in Edmonton, I have a Mule who will be in Edmonton and will be able to pick them up for me on or around the Wake in January.

I am putting things together for a project a friend of mine is doing, and I recall writing some stuff on those postcards that will help... but damned if I can remember what they were. (I do specifically remember one that I sent to Star, but most of those postcards are a bit hazy.)



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