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The Future!

I've been quiet the last few days because I've been contemplating my future, which sounds far more melodramatic than it actually is.

I would like to thank everyone who contacted me with advice about it, though. It's been very kind, and I do appreciate it. I didn't quite mean the post about having too many choices (again!) to be quite as ... hmm... I guess I'll stick with melodramatic as it was. (It did, however, lead to a phone call from Edmonton. Dear Person Who Called Me From Edmonton Giving Me A Hard Time About Being Melodramatic On My Blog: I love you. Call more often. *smile*)

Basically, it's like this: I could teach. I could skip going around the world and being the Wild and Crazy Canadian Chick, take a year long post-graduate degree here, and be in the classroom making gobs and gobs of money in Scotland. I could settle down here and see the rest of the world on vacations. Or, you know, I could take that pretty little post graduate certificate and teach in other places in the world. Or, you know, I could continue on my current plan, get my Masters sorted out in about 5 years, and go on to teach at the University level. Or, you know, I could go back to China and make a happy little career messing up my tones in Mandarin. Or, you know, something else.

I do know I want to end up in the classroom one day. (Somewhere right now, my father has just woken up with an incredibly desire to say "I told you so." He's been pushing me to go into teaching for years, and I've resisted with all of my 12-year-old stuborness.) I plot how I'd teach lessons, force my friends to read long-winded essays about What's Wrong With Classrooms Today, follow the blogs of various university profs with obsessiveness. I know what I want, I just don't know how I want to get there quite yet.

Luckily, despite my initial reading, I realise I have at least until January to figure it out. I thought when I made that post that I only had until December 1st to decide, but since I have no desire to teach elementary school, I have longer. So, I will think about it, and bake many good things, and discuss it way too much over Christmas with Margery, who is teaching right now.

I just wish some days that having Too Many Choices wouldn't so completely paralyse me with indecision. I'd blame my parents, but really, there's two of them, and I'd get confused over if I should blame them both together or individually, and then there'd be that whole cornacopia of choices then again. So, I won't.


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