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You've Got Mail!

I had home-made apple pie for breakfast this morning. I am now determined that the rest of my day will go equally well. (Plus, I am determined to brag: I made excellent apple pie last night, including the piecrust. I am, in fact, amazing. *smile*)

This week and last week have both been very postal-oriented for me. It's been a lot of fun. I signed up for two groups: PostCrossing and Inlingua Penpals, both fun ways of getting postcards from around the world. Postcards make me happy! I've sent out quite a few, and already gotten one back, so all is right in my world.

I also got a Christmas card in the mail from Australia! (Thanks, Jezz!) Which was especially fun because it left Australia on November 28th to arrive here on November 29th. I know, the time difference, but it's not like the card would have teleported! Considering that a postcard I sent a friend from France took over a month and a half to get to Canada....

Speaking of Christmas cards, I got an email from Edmonton telling me that at least one I sent arrived. This probably means I should finish up and mail the rest, but that would require less baking of apple pies and more remembering to write Christmas cards. So, we'll see. It's on the list, and the weekend is coming.

I also got my chocolate letter in the mail this week. My friend Margery (who is coming across for Christmas - yay!) sent a chocolate letter for Sinterklaas, which I still know very little about except that I get chocolate letters. She keeps trying to explain it to me, but I get distracted by "So... cookies?"

I'm very easily distracted by cookies.

Speaking of being distracted, despite apple pie thoughts to the contrary (that was a very yummy pie), I'm still a bit bleary eyed this morning. Topic for the expat carnival will be up once I'm certain I can write it in a complete sentence, without bringing up postcards or pie.


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