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A York, A York, my Kingdom for a York!

That might, in fact, be the worst title for anything on this site.

If you're ever wanting a fun place to get away for a few days, if you're thinking that a visit to a town that's interesting, fun, and laid back is what you want, York is the place to go. If you have a medeival-type town in England in mind, you're thinking of York. If you ever decide you want a great place to go on an interesting tour, York is the place. You want a moving Cathedral? York. You want historic city walls? York. You want a park that's full of ruins and history, and a museum that manages to talk about both the Vikings and the Romans with interesting tidbits of information? York, my friend, is the place to go.

Of course, when you're thinking of York, you might think to yourself: Self? If I'm in York anyway, I should totally go to the Richard III museum they have there. This is the city he made his home, after all. This is the place where he had his son declared Prince of Wales. This city, upon hearing of his death, that wrote in their city records "It was showed... that King Richard, late mercifully reigning upon us, was through great treason piteously slain and murdered, to the great heaviness of the City." Why, a good Richard III museum would talk about his relationship with his brothers, how he was raised by the Kingmaker who put his brother Edward on the throne, and then joined in rebellion against him. It would talk about his relationship with Anne Neville, and how he married her after she'd become the widow of Edward of Lancaster, the heir of the other half of the War of the Roses. It would talk about his death, and genuinely look at the question: Did he kill his nephews? And thus, you would think to yourself, you should visit this museum, perhaps to find out how much of what has been said about Richard is true.

I just wrote more interesting facts in this paragraph then you would get out of that museum.

If, on the other hand, you were looking for a tabloid saying "TEDDY DEAD! Queen in Shock!" when referring to Richard's brother, and having a rather frightening looking doll made up to look like Richard, with a farce of a 'trial' going on with rather lousy voice actors, then I can totally tell you where to go. The bit where you 'confess your sins' in a book, and a recording tells you to make peace with God as Richard has had six people slain and will kill you too was... par for the course, really. It's sad and ridiculous. I was so angry and annoyed, I wanted to go back downstairs and demand my two pounds and fifty pence back. Sadly, it didn't seem worth the trouble.

I have to tell you, the visit was amazing, for the most part. It was wonderific, it was fantabulous, it was splediferous. Heck, I may just go anywhere Anne tells me to from now on, since her suggestion was so great. Exploring snickleways, touring York Minster, and the amazing Museum Park were the amazing highlights of my weekend.

I have photos. Something close to 400 of them. I'm certain you're not surprised.


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Can't wait for photos. What a shame about the museum.

I am Queen of the ideas of places to go game!
Hurrah for me! Can't wait to see th photos....I miss York...my little hometown...sniff....did you manage to see Sharon then? I told her to keep an eye out for a Canadian over the weekend...:))

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