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Brussel Sprouts

So, I'm still attempting to make up my mind regarding where I want to travel in the next few weeks, which has led to me checking out various package deals and debating the merits of each based entirely on whether it is cheap, goes some place I've heard of, and I can get to the appropriate airport. Since I'm looking at getaways that cost less than £100 for a weekend, I'm narrowing my choices quite a lot, which is nice. Cornacopias of Choice confuddle me like no one's business.

This leads to the following debate:

Me: I could go to Brussels!

Him: Why would you want to go to Brussels?

Me: Nah, the proper question is, why would I *not* want to go to Brussels?

Him: What's in Brussels? It's just a big city in Europe, you need to want something more out of it.

So, I pondered this, and what I came up with:
Chocolate! Belgium chocolate!

Oh, and my theory (yet to be tested) that you can call children in Brussels Brussel Sprouts.

{The student I asked today said 'Nah, in Scotland, you'd come up with much ruder things to say than that.'}

Really, I just want to go to Brussels because it looks cheap.

But chances are, that would be in March. I'm thinking seriously about a weekend in London... although I'm kinda torn. I mean, I've been to London, right? It doesn't sound nearly as exciting now. "Oh, yes, London. Been there, done that. Ho hum. I have many postcards." (Because, yes, having seen a fraction of the area around Trafalgar Square, I've *done* London, right? *rolls eyes*)

I'm just bored right now. I know I did things these past months - I saw The Nutcracker, I saw Handel's Messiah, I did the trip out to London and a quickie poke around Melrose Abbey, but it doesn't feel like enough, somehow. Part of that is the whole aspect of "I'm here to see the United Kingdom, that's kinda the point of my visa", but it's also too that work is dull and life is kinda dull, and I feel like I have nothing exciting to say.


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I know!!
You should go to Yorkshire! A couple of days in York and then get the train into the dales....beautiful!

my dear, you have a far more exciting life than many people I know, and the credit goes in no small measure to your lust for life. :)
I say London still sounds good. Very good. after all it is London, and you did just the one day.
What about Ireland?

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