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I'm not sure how much, if any, interest will be brought to my blog from the CBC radio interview that (will be or has been) aired at 7:40 a.m. Mountain Time. But I thought I'd write something up here as a quick intro, incase you've come here because of it.

First, Anna Overseas is what I'd call a 'niche' blog. I don't talk about politics here, I talk about being a Canadian who lives overseas. I gush a lot about ruined abbeys and nifty castles. I also complain about people complaining about the weather.

If you're looking for some interesting political blogs, I'll recommend a few. I'll warn you, though, that I read them. This does not mean that I agree with them.

Blogs Canada E-group is a multi-party political discussion. Basically, someone posts up their opinion (usually bolstered with links to other sites) about an issue in Canadian politics, and then everyone comments and responds. A lot of interesting things are brought up there, and I do recommend it highly as the discussion is level headed and doesn't degenerate into name calling. They also link there to several other very good blogs.

I also get a lot of quick link news from Mark Cappis' blog Midnight Ramblings (also known as Chaos in a Blog), which is part of Chaos in a Box. Mark also talks a lot about DVD releases and popculture, so if you're looking for specific political posts by him, I'd read this, this, and this. Frankly, I hear most of my political news first through Mark, then I go chase other information down.

There are others, but I think those are a good starting pointing. I may be biased, though.

If you're just looking for fun Canadian blogs about being an expat, I'll direct you to the Canadian Expats Blog, which also has a handy list of links to other Canadian Expats.

Another fun list of blogs is the Scottish Blogs List.

If you want to tell me anything, my email address is the very simple anna@annaoverseas.com. If you comment on my blog, I do respond to most comments via email, so be sure to include your email address.

Other than that... really... um... is it snowing in Edmonton? I miss snow. (Also, very nervous. Really really nervous.)


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Sadly, no. No snow yet. Freezing rain warnings, though.

Anyway, I thought that you were very good on the radio this morning, and they ended with a blatant plug for your blog, so you're bound to get one or two new readers.

Okay I totally missed it so which program was it on so I can listen on the internet tomorrow? Thanks!

I now know a celebrity!

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