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I want to tell you a story.

Once, about five years ago, my mom send my brother a care package at Christmas. It was full of CDs and presents and (I think) a video game, and just stuff that my brother would like, most of it loving wrapped by my mom. At the very top of the box, packed tightly in a tupperware container, was a big batch of my mom's absolutely world famous amazing super cookies.

My mom rocks. *grin*

But, see... when the package arrived (in Calgary, I think... maybe Quebec? My brother moved around a lot when he was in college), there were no cookies in it. Everything else was there, but my mom's famous amazing super cookies (that give you extra energy and pep!) were not there.

My mom called the post office, but there wasn't really much that could be done. After that, my mom started sending Christmas packages by courier.

I mention this story because a friend of mine came back from a trip to NorthAm yesterday, and brought me back a copy of the Director's Cut (now with more cheesecake!) of Sin City. I have been eagerily awaiting it, because I am a Sin City fangirl (and yes, I know, it's all full of violence and sex and blah blah, I don't care, Miho's in it), and was very disappointed to find out that the director's cut wasn't released here yet.

So, my friend is unpacking his suitcase, and... there's no Sin City.


1) Sin City is sitting on the living room floor back home, lonely and wishing to be sitting with all my other North American DVDs. He just forgot to pack it.

2) Sin City, having not been released in Zone 2, is not allowed in the UK, and so Customs seized it. (Does Customs do this? Would they leave a note? "Don't bring DVDs into Scotland, unless it's Return of the King, which we will just leave in the suitcase.")

3) Someone nabbed it from his suitcase when it was going through the airports, someplace between here and Toronto.

So, yes, I am sad. There is no Sin City to make my weekend full of exciting car chases and babes with guns, and I will just have to entertain myself instead.

But I am kind of curious as to what to do now to get it back.

In unrelated news:
Do you think it's a sign I'm spending too much time reading blogs when I've started to dream about people updating?

PS: Mom... can you send me your recipe for sugar cookies? I'm craving them now.


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