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Firth of Forth on the First

Well, I ended up bailing on the jumping into the Firth.

It's kinda complicated, but it mostly involves two things:

My guide for the evening ended up ditching me and not showing back up again until 7 a.m. (No, dear, that's not a dig at you, I'm glad you had a good time, but gah! you woke me up in a tizzy!)

It would have involved walking an hour up to Princes Street from here in order to catch the bus to Queensferry, and I was so freaking knackered after all the walking I've been doing that I just couldn't psych myself up for it. So when I went to wake Myles at 8:30 and he was so obviously out of it still, I decided to screw it and went back to bed.

There's always next year, after all. It's not like Edinburgh's going anywhere.


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In a weird kind of way I was looking forward to hearing your account of jumping into the Firth. I shall have to wait for next year now.

Is it just a New Year thing or can you do it any time of the year?? Not that I am even vaguely tempted myself.

Anyway, Happy New Year.

When things like this happen, I usually say, "it was probably for the best".

Happy New Year Anna

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