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Gong xi fa cai!

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, and thus, I'm throwing a bit of a party here today. (Sundays are notoriously bad for me.) I'm all excited! It's been a long time since I've bothered making the one chinese recipe I learned how to make (dumpling), and I've added a bunch of relatively easy things to throw together for tonight's party.

Let's see, I'm making Scallion pancakes, not-so-spicy bean sprouts, and picking up some tofu gan for starters, and making dumplings (lots!), egg drop soup, and steamed buns for main, and nian gao for a sweet treat.

I'm so excited... I do love to cook, and it's so rarely I get to do it for any number of people. And the advantage of doing Chinese is that most things cook notoriously fast, so I don't have time to get distracted!


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hope you had a good one!
sing nien kwai le!

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