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Just wait ten minutes...

Is it a truism said of a lot of places that if you don't like the weather, just wait ten minutes? I'm curious, as I've heard it said about Alberta (and probably Vancouver, if I think about it), but it really lives and breathes in Edinburgh.

It's not cold by any stretch of the imagination, but the wind cuts through you like a knife. I keep forgetting that the lovely port I can see from here is the freakin' North Sea, and one would expect nasty winds coming off it. Every morning I wait for the bus just a few meters away from the windiest spot in Edinburgh, and I really felt that today.

But the rest of the day just was insane for it. It started out sunny enough that I had to close the blinds so I could read the computer screen, then it was sudden pouring rain by the buckets. Then it got super-sunny again, and we figured, yay! the rain is gone!

I suppose it was, as it started to hail a bit after that.

I just find it so strange... I mean, all weather is strange unless you're in Saskatchewan and can see it coming for miles off, but I just want... I don't know, something that feels normal for this time of year. Some snow or something. A nasty and sudden cold snap. Anything to make me feel like having my winter coat from home makes some degree of sense.

Ah well. I'm probably just out of sorts still. It's been a really wretched week, and one of the main reasons has been having the most atrocious and awful song *ever* stuck in my head for the past three days. It would be enough to turn anyone off of being happy, I think.

So, in an attempt to cheer myself up (as it hasn't only been the song, it never is, the song is just making it harder to cope with the rest), I'm planning another weekend get away.

I haven't really decided yet: London for a bit longer? Tempting... I'm pretty sure I could go to entirely different parts of London and pretend that I had never seen the place before and not feel cheated. There's a weekend package to Dublin that's tempting me. Heck, it's been such a bad week I've been considering cashing in my pennies and taking my weekend to Italy (planned for this summer) a lot earlier.

For tonight, though, I'm just getting a secret thrill out of the idea that I'm boarding the last train to Glasgow. I will never, ever get tired of taking trains anywhere.


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Sadly, you wouldn't need your winter coat here either. ...and..you should need it here..it's just WRONG!

I hope the song isn't 500 Miles - if so my apologies.

Dublin or Italy - what a choice!

what choices!
i loooove trains but dont see one anywhere on the horizon for me

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