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The Cheesemonger Smells Funny, and Other Things Edinburgh Taught Me Today

After seven months of "meaning to" stop by the cheesemongers, I finally made it there today. And I have to tell you, it really does smell funny in there. To the point where they handy-dandy sign outside offers you "Friendy service with a smell". I love Edinburgh.

Seriously, how could I not love a city that has a cheesemonger? There were approximately a million zillion types of cheese there. I brought home something Scottish. Please don't ask me what, I have no idea, there was a nice person behind the counter selling it. I'm sure there exists a universe where I don't just buy things randomly from nice people, but it's certainly not this one.

I also managed to buy some apple-brandy-something sauce. Haven't figured out what I'll do with it, but it'll have to be something yummy, I'm sure.

Edinburgh also taught me that spring can sprung in January (because my, the weather has been beautiful the past two days), and that travel sections in bookstores can become huge, epic-type explorations when you want them to be. I poked around today in one, and I think there may have been a guidebook to Edmonton (or even Vegreville, for all I know), because it seemed to have everything else. I was so frozen by the cornacopia of choices that I didn't know what to pick up, and just left it at that.

Edinburgh also taught me that waiters in Italian restaurants (especially good Italian restaurants, with Italian radio stations playing English pop music) are a lot of fun. He was a dear, a bit intense, and kept calling me ... senora? no, that's Spanish. Oh well. Something nice-sounding, as since I am a sucker I think all languages I don't understand sound lovely. (Except German. German always sounds like someone's very very angry. Or maybe I've only met very angry Germans.) But when my pasta came he gestured imperiously for the waitress to bring me pepper and parmasan, and she smiled in that way that people do when they're amused and said "Ah, Italians." Best part - she's got the lovely Italian accent thing going to.

I love this country.

I still haven't decided where my next journey is going to. I think I may just pull up the website that sells the really cheap last-minute deals (not last minute dot com, since they are not a good website, from what I understand), and just pick something at random. It strikes me as sufficiently laid back enough to satisfy my desire to be random, and a good enough deal to satisfy my desire to, you know, actually have money.

However, the best thing that Edinburgh taught me today was this: Nothing's quite so pleasant as walking into your favourite store and having the owner look up say "Anna! I missed you, how was your Christmas?"

It's nice being home, you know?


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Edinburgh is a nice place to live but Glasgow is the best hehehe.
just came acros ur journel and u seem a interesting person a must say.


I can't tell you how many ex-girlfriends were annoyed with my love for smelly cheese.

Any photos of the shop sign?

Mmm...apple brandy something sauce....sounds delicious!

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