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Yorkshire Pudding

To say it's been a wretched week would be, in no small way, an understatement. I won't get into the details here, as they're really boring and can be summed up as : Work Was Wretched. Hopefully, that issue has been dealt with, and I have the excitement of tomorrow to look forward to.

See, I'm following Anne's advice and heading off to York for the weekend. It's a relatively quick train journey, and then I get to see old city walls, museums, castles, likely an abbey (or two), definately a cathedral, and all sorts of things. I'm really quite excited. I'm a closet Yorkist, you see.

That is, I have a firm opinion about the War of the Roses, and who was right, and who should have been dead. I would be a card carrying member of the Richard III Society if they issued cards. (They don't... but it's a very nice newletter.) The idea that I get to be in York, that I can see what's left of Micklegate Bar, that I can... I don't know, do something all exciting and Yorkish, is making my week *so much better*. I highly recommend it.

Maybe I should just focus on city walls. I'm told they're fun to walk.


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Oh the fudge-shops are pretty good, too...

There's a newsletter? You've got to get a copy for me.

Woohoo!! I win the race to see where Anna goes!!
Have a great weekend mate, prepare to be charmed by the North East....Bill Bryson says that they are the friendliest people on earth....:))

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