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Food for Thought

So, with that sudden realisation that I only have a limited amount of time (a mere seven months!) left in Scotland, I decided to do something I had been avoiding doing.

I decided to try pineapple flavoured cottage cheese.

I *like* cottage cheese, you see. I loved it back when I was in college, and would eat enough of it that when there was this cottage cheese fad diet going around, I thought I could handle it (I couldn't - only fad diet I ever tried, and never again). But cottage cheese in Canada does not come in flavours, let alone in pineapple flavours. (Sour Cream does, though, and it doesn't seem to here.) But so, when I saw it in the store today and I was hungry and not wanting anything else, I picked it up.

Which leads to the question: how do you make something generally bland and flavourless (but with fun texture!) taste awful but with pineapples?

Even the texture was all wrong. Just... ew. Ew. EW. It was awful, and with pineapple.

And that's my latest foray into attempts at food in Scotland. I don't mind tatties and neeps, I like haggis, I *love* deep fat fried mars bars, but I think I'll avoid fruit-flavoured cheese for the next little while.


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Shocked to learn that you don't like cottage cheese with pineapple. When I got home tonight I finished off a tube while I was waiting for my dinner to cook.

Admittedly it is an acquired taste and I don't like any other cottage cheese, but I do like this one. Tesco make it but the one sold by Sainsbury's is much nicer.

Can't believe I have an opinion on cottage cheese. I need to get out more.

What!!Pineapple and cottage cheese rocks!!

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