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Plan of Attack

I have spontaneously decided to head out to the Highlands this weekend, as I managed to work my way out of a job again.

{I have a tendancy to do this: people hire me as a temp to audio type, expecting it to take about half again as long as it actually takes me to do things, and then I just sit around and go "Is there more work now?" I hate getting paid to do nothing... so now they don't need me till Monday.} {I mention this here because I am trying to use my mind control powers to get Phil to realise he needs an amazing audio-typing asistant to move across the world with him.}

So, yeah, I thought the Highlands would be fun, and good, and there's a tour I want to take that leaves early on a Friday morning, and thus was impossible for me to take whilst working. But since I am now not working, that is where I will go.

I'm also going to Liverpool and Norwich, but that will be much later.


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Losing concentration! Cannot control my own thoughts! Must hire audio typist! And buy her expensive gifts (how did that get in here!)

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