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I am apparently handling being unemployed with my usual grace and maturity. That is, none.

So far today, I have:

- booked a spontaneous tour up north
- examined my webstats way too carefully
- put together a table
- done several loads of laundry
- done the dishes
- reorganised parts of my house
- had a lengthy discussion about my future
- finally remembered to email my parents (I suxx0rs)
- caught up on my RPOL participation
- written three hundred thousand million postcards, or at least 30

It's been a busy day.

I mention this here because I'm currently at a bit of a loss and needing advice. Is anyone out there who reads this able to talk serious with me about teaching, both high school and university, in various parts of the world? I'm not sure how getting either my Education Degree, or going on to get my PhD, affects my job prospects as a foreigner, and if anyone out there can offer some insight, I'd like that.

I'm also trying to figure out if I can get my Masters degree in China, and I'm really hitting a brick wall there.


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First stop is to find any human resources companies that specialise in OS teacher placement and see what their requirements are. I haven't come across any international schools that demand Phd's but rather teacher quals and TESOL experience is handy but not necessary. University teaching OS is a whole other category. Any OS lecturers I've come across in Asia are all employed by their home university and seconded to the Asian uni. Very few are directly employed by the OS uni (but I don't have much experience here so I could be mistaken).

whoa- that is a busy day....but I'm sorry I have no advice on this stuff:(
good to hear about the s'pore plans though!

There are three types of International Schools...
1) American Schools
2) British Schools
3) International Schools

You would be looking at International and American schools because British schools usually want PGCE trained teachers although not always. You should give me a call and we can talk about it.

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