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The Sweetest Thing

I had the oddest sensation of being caught up in China today.

pic 15I remember being told that scent is the strongest link to memory, and today I could have sworn I was in China. There was this scent on the air that I could smell so often when I was there. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was, but it smells like cooking food, and I really do associate food with China. Street food was everywhere (I managed to never get sick, but poor Paul!), and some of it was amazingly good. I was a regular with quite a few of the street vendors there (and man, did I ever get suckered into paying too much - I learned, eventually), and the smell of noodles cooking in the open air always brings me back.

I suspect when I leave Edinburgh, it'll be the smell of the brewery that makes it all come flooding back - fermenting, but not like yeast.

Sadly, I can't think of a single scent that brings Edmonton flooding back.


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Omg, you! HI! Meandered over fro lj because i am bored. & i need to ask you a question.

When are you coming to Perth??

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