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Time after Time

On the one hand: oh my god, I only have seven months left in Scotland! That's not nearly enough time at all!

On the other hand: It's seven months till I get to Australia! It's an *eternity!*

(Thanks for the advice to get my Visa early rather than late... and I will totally be stopping in Singapore for a week at least. *smile*)

I'm currently trying to make a list of things that are really important for me to do while I'm here, and comparing/contrasting that with the list of things that my mom, my friends who are coming for visits, and the friend that's moving in all want to do, so I do things that are important to me alone on my own, and things they want to do with them... but it's hard to narrow down a lot of stuff.

So, I guess I'll ask: what do *you* think I should do in my last 7 months in the United Kingdom?


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Yay Singapore!

Go out and have fun, my friend!

BTW, what's your itinerary for nations you're going to go to after Scotland? :)

Rob H.

Only five months left for me in Paris! I think that you should go and have a poke around Liverpool. Go to the Cavern and the museum of Slavery in Liverpool. I lived outside of Liverpool when I was a student and had some amazing nights out there. It is a very up and coming city, but a bit rough round the edges.
Other than that I would try and go to the islands off the coast of Scotland, they really are beautifully unspoilt.
Now, where should I go to in France?

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