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Healthy Gums

So, funny story.

I hang out at the University of Edinburgh a lot for various reasons. There are a lot of signs up everywhere for various call-in help centres that students can call, and one is a Gum Clinic: One for Males, one for females.

"Huh," I thought to myself. "I wonder why there would be a gum clinic divided like that. Maybe... are there different things about teeth and gums for men and women? Maybe college girls here are just more... comfortable talking about their teeth problems with another woman? I don't know."

I had this thought about once a month or so, never really thinking much about it.

Fast forward to this week. I'm still working at the medical clinic, and one of the doctors says "Ah, Anna, we all love that spark of humour you bring into our day."

I pipe up with my old standby of "Everybody loves me! I should go to an STD clinic!"

The doctor laughs, then says, "But they don't call them that... you could go to the gum clinic."

"Gum clinic?"

"Yeah... Genital and Urinary Medicine."




"Oh... is that what that meant."

"What did you think it meant?"

"I just thought that people in Scotland were trying to get over that perception that everyone has really awful teeth here."

I love being a foreigner. However, I did manage to brighten everyone's day.

* * *

Joe and Kristi are here in the morning. I have no energy to get my blog sorted. So tired.

Unrelated to that: I am apparently the Travel-Rants Travel Blog of the Day today. Wow!

And I do love to travel! Just... not today. Today is sleep day of the day. *grin*


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Oh Anna - priceless!


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