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I Think It's Gonna Rain Today

Apparently the rest of Scotland got dumped on in terms of snow over the past few days. Edinburgh, of course, got a couple of flakes and that was it, so I had no idea until I was reading the paper this morning and there were horror stories out of Glasgow and Aberdeen. So I guess I can't mock all of Scotland for not being able to handle the cold. Just Edinburgh.

I just found it really interesting. The rail service shut down in some places, and the main road between Scotland and England was closed, or so I heard.

It reminds me a lot of living in Vancouver whenever they got dumped on. Absolute chaos for two days, and then... well, everyone got over it.

Joe and Kristi are moving in on Thursday. Please watch me panic.


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am a sucker for blue but i have to admit that i cannot read black on the dark blue...

WHOA... the layout changed as i clicked on the refresh button!! this is pretty....

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