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State of the Blog

So, yes, I finally got around to changing the layout/template thingy. Please let me know if you hate it, or if you can't read something, or whatever, as I'm still pondering putting it back exactly as it was.

These are extended entries, which make my webbed toes tingle.


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What was wrong with the old template?

Don't get me wrong, this looks good. I just want to know what's up with the change?

Tre nice Anna!

It woman in the corner scares me is this what you mean by your raith? cas she looks nothing like you, why is she so happy, oh no now i gonna have nightmares, but i do like the snow flakes must not be in scotland then ;)

Interesting. I like the Avatar.
Can't read the thingies that say "comments" or "trackback" though, unless I hover over them. otherwise, they're the same color as the page. On mouseover, they turn bright red.
(I'm using Safari for Mac, tho. Could be different than other browsers.)

I LOVE the snowflakes! And the colors

My two-pie bit, since you asked!

I like the colours!
The psycho happy girl is a bit looming, but thats fine if thats how you want it:)
might be nice to have the font sizes different for headings and lists and stuff.
I like it, but I am undecided about the readability in general.

Friggin' cute! :D

To be honest you might want to work on the colors just a tad. The snowflakes make the text hard to read. The first thought was okay bold the text, but that would be bad I think.

Otherwise nice blog.

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