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The List(s)

10 Places I want to go in Scotland Before I Leave

1. The Channel Islands: because who doesn't want to go to a place a cow is named after? Go Guernsey!

2. Rosslyn: Before the freakin' movie about the place comes out.

3. Alnwick: Because it's close to a bunch of places I want to go, and some funky castles and ruined abbeys (of course).

4. Middleham: Because I am a Richard III fangirl and want to see the place. Maybe it'll be better than that damned Richard III museum in York.

5. Jedburgh: There's a ruined border abbey there (of course), and I think if I get there I will have collected the whole set of ruined border abbeys.

6. London: I could claim this is a place I've already been, but that's like saying you've been to Canada because you hit the airport in Toronto.

7. Land's End: Because I want to see Land's End.

8. Snowdonia and Area in Wales: Purty purty mountains. I like mountains.

9. Durham: There's a Cathedral! And a castle!

10. Inverness: I want to find Nessie. We'll be good friends... until she eats me.

11. Stirling. Cuz it's Little Edinburgh. And has a big statue of Mel Gibson that they need to lock up at night to keep it from being defaced. Who wouldn't want to go to Stirling?

11 Places Other People Want Me To See Before I Leave Scotland

1. Tintagel: "It's strongly tied to the Authurian legends...."

2. Knights Tournament: "It looks cool!"

3. London: "It's London. You can't do the Britain without doing London. I think it's a low."

4. Carlisle: "Access to Hadrian's Wall." (This is where we devolved into an email discussion about how Romans are evil copy-cats.)

5. Faerie Glen (Uig): "It's very moving."

6. Iona: "It's supposed to be very peaceful."

7. Nottingham: "The Robin Hood myths, amongst other things." (This is where we devolved into an email discussion about how much people claiming Robin Hood was based off William Wallace annoys me.)

8. Middleham: "You are a Richard III fangirl."

9. Arthur's Seat: "It's got amazing views." (I've been there, though... but I'll climb it again. Really.)

10. Ravenglass: "A great deal of Roman history. Also, Raven."

11. Norwich: Okay, I wanted to go to Norwich because there are cheap airfares. When asked what I'd do there, I said "It's in the UK - there will be a castle and a cathedral, I'm certain." I was right.

5 Places I Want To Go Back To Before I Leave Scotland

1. York

2. Linlithgow

3. Lindisfarne

4. Skye

5. Bath

What's Been On My Mind

On My Mind

Been reading lots of travel-log type things (and getting really frustread with Ewan MacGregor's whining in "Long Way Round"), reading up on Australia and working overseas, fallen in love with a book called "Work Your Way Around The World" (with bonus paragraph on how to get a job in Antartica!). I also got a globe/beach volleyball for whapping around the flat when I get too bored.

Basically, I'm thinking lots about what I want to see, and where I want to go, and what The Future will bring.

Can't sleep: future will eat me.


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I really enjoyed Nottingham, Anna.
I enjoyed Sherwood Forest, too (a short busride north of Nottingham) but only the Forest itself - not the mess of ugly touristytrap stuff at the entrance of the forest.

Hmmm..I remember the "Can't sleep: future will eat me" line from you before. I'm going through the same thing right now..but I think it's good for both of us.

Enjoy visiting all sorts of spiffy places!

Ooooh your lists make me jealous! I hope you get to all of those places.

Knights tournament, Haridian's Wall, Sherwood Forest. I so want to strap on a codpiece and play with my sword.

Err that wasn't a euphamism for anything dirty - minds out of gutters!

no Seeland?

I spent a week once on Alderney, the Channel Island no one visits, and it was lovely. We went as a family at March Break so it was cool and damp but I still liked it. I would visit Jersey or Guernsey in a flash. And there are no cars allowed on Sark, so I would go there too.

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