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Big Ben

There's something very... intense about walking out of the Westminster Tube Station and seeing Big Ben. I'm certain it's not like this for other people from the UK, but when I see it, I can't help but go "Wow. I'm here." Even though I've been here before. London has this thing about it, you know?

Yesterday was a pretty packed day, today is looking like it will be as well, so of course I've been: a) unable to sleep (sleep? no thanks, I'm trying to cut back), b) sick (nothing like coughing so much during a prayer service the priest gets you a glass of water), and c) half-deaf. This was a new one, but my right ear refused to pop at all yesterday, and I was constantly staring at people in horror realising I couldn't hear them.

But, that's the bad stuff, and the day itself was outstanding and wonderful. I want to do a full writeup and all, because places like Westminster Abbey (expensive, but oh so worth it), and things like the Jack the Ripper Tour (intense) deserve as much of my full attention as I can give them.

Right now, I'm coping with a poor hostel choice (Ooh, I'll pick something with a bit of a fun-loving atmosphere this time, so Kristi can have some fun). It's not that there's anything bad about the place, it's just that I don't come to London so I can get drunk in the hostels. I just wanted a place to sleep.

Which I actually did a bit of last night. Just not nearly enough! *laugh*

I really am having a fabulous time though. The tentative plans for today include things like the Tower of London, a Thames boat, and seeing the Elgin Marbles and satisfying my fan-girly heart. Haven't planned my evening yet - it seems so far away....


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oh mabn, I am so glad you went back - more than just that singele day you had! Hope you have a great time, and take care of that cough!

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