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Choo Choo!

One thing I love about living in the UK: I hopped a train yesterday and went to Stirling so I could sit in a pub for five hours drinking cider with a friend and eating bad pub food. It was great.

I love the trains here, that I can go to Stirling for the day for about 7 pounds and it's so relaxing. No stress, just hop on the train, watch the pretty scenery go by, then hop off. I might do this more often.

Canada should really revitalise their passenger service. My understanding (picked up from various places, may be completely wrong) is that for some time here the trains were awful and no one wanted to take them. But now, they're great. I is happy.

Tomorrow I'm going to Jedburgh to see another ruined Abbey. I think, after this one, I'll have only one left in my quest to see all of the ruined border abbeys, but I'm not sure. That would be Dryburgh, which I understand is the most complete of the lot.

(Let's see... Lindisfarne, Kelso, Melrose, Jedburgh, Dryburgh.... I think that's all of them.)

Sadly, I will be going by bus.


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I wish there were more transportation things like that here in the US.

Oh, I fully agree with you that they need to revitalize rail service over here! I felt the exact same way after spending a year using the rail systems in Japan.

I often raise this point with my friends who've never left the country, and their argument is always, "Oh, but rail service doesn't work in Canada because this country is so spread out! In Japan and Europe, the towns are so much closer together."

I never buy that argument. It took me an hour to take the train into Tokyo. It takes me an hour to drive into Edmonton. What's the difference?

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