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Drinking Games: Relentless

I'm bored of being sick, so I went to the grocery store the other day to buy things to make Tomato Sauce with (it was so good!) and saw this:


And since I am nothing if not a huge impulse buyer, I had to get it and try it and tell you all about it.

Relentless... "Ho Half Measures" "Your Energy, Your OBsession - Relentless -" It is best served ice cold. "Relentless is an energy drink that helps give you the stamina, focus and drive you need, when you need it. Your energy. No half measures." "Even genius has to pay its dues. It's goodbye to the shortcuts, hello to the grind. Nobody ever said it would be an easy ride. So, puish more, risk more, feel more. How much is just a question of courage, a matter of heart."

If you read that all out loud in your best "Look at me, I'm a cliche!" voice, it's even more fun.

You probably can't see the details from the photo but it looks like there's a Cthulu-esque thing drawn in the background, rising out of the water and consuming the Earth. I'm all for welcoming out Dark Overlords, so I totally support this energy drink.

500 ml of energy drink goodness later, and I was up for most of last night. Think it's a coincidence?

If you're wondering what it tastes like (not corpses, not like last time), it's like Red Bull, or Cream Soda. It basically tastes like a cliche, too.

Would I buy it again? Probably not - I don't really like energy drinks, for all that I'm a cola addict. It does warn that it's not for people with a sensitivity to caffeine and to consume it responsibly. I love how it tries to make itself sound bad ass.

So, that's Relentless, folks. Drink it for all your Elder God needs!

Relentless Energy Drink Official Website Warning: Requires Quick Time and Flash 8 and probably 16 other things. It comes with movies.


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Hmmm, I'm intrigued. I like TaB right now, so good.

where can I buy mine today!?!

i can't stand red bull, so alluring though the bottle may be, I must passs...
btw, your comment thingy never 'remembers' my informtation.....?

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