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Escape! ESCAPE!!

You know what the world needs?

This is what the world needs: It needs a website (which probably exists, but I can't find it) where I can just say 'I'm in Edinburgh, I'm bored, I have money. Where can I go? What will be cheap? I want to leave *today*.' Cuz, dude... I want to leave *today*. And I don't want it to cost me an arm and a leg. Surely every flight between here and the rest of the whole world isn't full, is it?

I just wanna be able to plug that into a search engine, and it'll come up with three or four places with cheap flights leaving in the next 12 hours, and I'll just go. I don't want to have to pick a destination and an airline or any of that crap. I'll find a hostel when I get there.

I'm so *bored* right now. Being under-employed *sucks*.

PS: I'd do it by train, but they don't let me just say "I want to be someplace other than here, where can I go?" either.


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have fun!

Whoa! Cool! I'm glad something like that sort of exists!

you also might try easyjet.com or the local airlines which fly into Europe...

Hi Anna!

Greetings from sunny Maryland. I'm writing to ask if you have received my postcard. I sent it more than three months ago so I am very worried that it has gotten lost in the mail. Would you like me to resend it? It's not a problem. If not, could you register it for me? The ID is US-12817. Thanks a bunch!

Have a great day ... I hope you can find a fun trip to go on. You could always spend a day in Amsterdam :-)

Best wishes,


Oh no, I see the word bored creeping in! However for your loyal readers, it would be great to see where you head next. And as for minibreaks, if you can stomach Ryan Air they run trips to European cities, "on the cheap," as only they can.

A great idea - tell me when you find the website. In the mean time you are always welcome to visit my blog for an advanture in the Nordic :-)

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