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Got in from London a couple of hours ago, and I gotta say: there's no place like home. Don't get me wrong, I adored London, but I'm happy to be back in my nice little flat with my nice little bed that isn't a bunk bed in a hostel that's trying to be "indy" or something. Ew.

Today was an awful lot of Saint Paul's Cathedral. Worth every minute - I could probably have spent another couple of hours there happily. Sadly, no photos inside (same with Westminster). Whereas I get the concept of no photos in a working church (which I don't take, anyway, it strikes me as incredibly disrespectful, even if they will let you), I don't like the charging of huge admission fees (10 pounds each!) and not letting photos.

But putting that aside... I was awed. As I was with almost everything in London, even the Tube. Still no sign of the tube-riding pidgeons, but I'm heading back.

Just... not for a while. London = Very Expensive!

All the details and photos over the next few days, I'm sure.


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I was once told that London is just like Tokyo, only less neon and more parks. Is that true?

Well, if you want in free, go to mass...


I am, as usual, jealous :)

- Gail

I added you on flickr, hope you don't mind. Love the pics of Europe though:)

James: I did. Twice. Once at Saint Paul's and once at Westminster Abbey. It was beautiful.

Anyone can add me to Flickr. :)

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