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London Bridge is Falling Down...

Having a fabulous time, wish you were here!

Just another quick blog-through of my day, because everything really does deserve a full entry to itself. With pictures. And gaping awe on my part.

Hit the Tower of London. Could have easily spent the whole damned day there and not counted it a "small" day. It was amazing and fantabulous. The guided tours are great! Raven, we saw a Raven and thought of you - can't wait to show you the pic we got. I know that you've been there (of course!), but we were thinking of you a lot.

Saw London Bridge. So.Very.Cool. Also, took a river boat up the Thames.

Spent a bit of the afternoon (2 1/2 hours) looking at the Elgin Marbles. Yeah, the whole 2 1/2 hours. I have a thing for Greek Statues. I went into a swoon over a few of the things in the exhibit. I am aware there is more to the British Museum than just the one small area, but dude... it was the Elgin Marbles!

In the evening we ducked into a fabulous restaurant, spent some time in a really awful bar that tried really hard to have some theme to it, then found this surreal place in SoHo and danced until the smoke in the area drove me out. So much fun!

This place we ended up is so hard to describe. It felt like walking into something out of Alice in Wonderland, with Hooka-smoking caterpillers. (Oh, wait, my parents read this blog. Mom, Dad, anything I say that makes it sound like drugs would be a necessity to make sense of it is just for effect, really. Honest.) It seemed like being on drugs would help the whole place make more sense. Lots of very low couches and cushions scattered in various parts of the floor, the dance floor being in this weird room off the 'main' room, really different music than I was used to, and lots of people smoking. I had forgotten that the no smoking laws were only in Scotland, or I might have skipped the club entirely. My throat and lungs are killing me, but on some level - it was really worth it. I danced, and watched lots of other fun people dancing. There were mirrors in really odd places which added to the sureality.

Reminded me a bit of Paris Below. (Will link to that entry later.)

But really, having a fantabulous time, wish you were here.

Tomorrow, Saint Paul's Cathedral, maybe Les Miz, maybe the Globe Theatre, and then flying back home to sunny Edinburgh!

Did I just call Edinburgh home?


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Sounds like you're having a lovely time!

Pleased to hear you are having a good time here in London and hre's lots of sunshine to make it even more impressive.

Without meaning to sound like a real pedant, London Bridge is a really boring looking bridge, so I suspect it is Tower Bridge that you are referring to. Is it the one that is right next to the Tower of London because that is Tower Bridge? London Bridge is just a bland road bridge. People often confuse the two.

Look on google images at both (ignoring the fact that there are various pictures on Tower Bridge if you google London Bridge) and you'll see what each looks like.

: )

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