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Reading, not Doing

I've been reading an awful lot of travel logs lately, which I really enjoy doing. Not blogs and the like (although those are, as always, fun to read), but actual books about travelling. The latest is called "The Places In Between", and it tells about a man who decided to walk across Afganistan. In the mountains. In winter.

Then I read that and think, "Oh, I could do that."

Okay, not really. I'm lazy. But I think a lot when I read travel logs. I've read about people hitch-hiking across China, people taking their motorbikes across the world (that's the one written by Ewan MacGregor, and man, is he whiny in it), and watched movies about people trying to bike down the length of South America. I remember reading a magazine article about a woman who biked across Canada.

I think about doing these things, because although you're travelling the whole time, you get a completely different view of things. You get to see things up close, even if you don't get to emmerse yourself in everything. I mean, I *want* to do that. I want to get that sort of view of things, to be able to travel totally at my own pace, but be able to travel. To not have these pesky responsibilities like a job, and rent, and stuff... Which I suppose is just trading one problem for another (I'll have to have quite a bit of money, I'd think, to get myself across Canada), but...

But then I get afraid. I think I'd get eaten, as these things go. I'm a white girl, I'm lazy. (One does not follow the other, these are statements about me, not about all women who happen to be white.) I'd probably not make it, because something bad would happen to me, or because I would just give up.

Oh well, I love to live vicariously through books. Just... different books than other people.

* * *

The trip to London is still a go, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm still a bit sick (I can't stop coughing), but at least I can breath right now. I'm going to be taking all my pictures from the last week off my camera in preparation. God, I can't wait... Tower of London, here I come!


Do you know about Oyster cards? They are the cheapest way to travel around London. You would have to pay a £3 deposit for the card (but can get it back).

All your tube fares etc would be half the price of paying cash and it calculates when you reach the cost of a daily travelcard etc so you don't even have to decide in advance how many journeys you might make.

What made me think if this is that you can often find ways to get discounts to go to places like the Tower of London and there may well have been a deal negotiated with Transport for London if you produce an Oyster card.

I often feel similar. I'm here I should be doing more but I feel like reading a book instead.