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So, after looking at my finances it seems I can either go to Amsterdam or eat next week, not both, and although I could probably stand to lose a few pounds, I might not survive the beating I'd receive if I made that tradeoff. Ah well. It's not that I'm hurting financially, it's just that I like having over a certain amount in my bank account, and this whole Unemployed Mess thing has really dug into my savings. (Not the least of which because, when I'm unemployed, I want to drink a lot more coffee in coffee shops. To get out of the flat, you see. I even went to a movie, which I never do.)

Right now I'm toying with the idea of going to Durham for a day or two. It's cheaper, and I'd get to take the train, and I'm fairly certain there's more than enough to do in Durham to entertain myself for a good two days. There is, of course, a Cathedral. And a Castle. And other things, too, but really, it's the UK, of course there's a church and a castle. That's just what they do here. It's like Western Canada and curling rinks.

The Cathedral has Evensong, and I'm rather determined to hit as many Cathedrals in the UK as I can and compare Evensong. Right now, the best is still at Westminster, but my appraisal of Saint Paul's might have been ruined by my horrible coughing fit in the middle of the service.

(I understand they filmed parts of Elizabeth in Durham Cathedral and called it a castle. Thus, I *really* want to see it. Because I am snarky about historically inaccurate movies. Did I mention I went to see Tristan and Isolde? Did I mention I was almost kicked out of the theatre? Okay, maybe that last part didn't happen, but it should have.)

But seriously, I would really like to go to Durham, it's not too far from here and it's probably not horribly expensive, but I'm still pretty leary about spending the money. Obviously what I need is a rich and indulgent boyfriend/sugar daddy who will take me such places just to watch my face light up, or for my parents to die and leave me absolutely everything except the cats, which they can leave to my brother.

Sadly, this isn't likely to happen this week.

Oh well. I think I may just pop down to the train station and take another look at ticket prices anyway. I want to travel, and staring on the 15th, I'll have a lot less time on my hands to do it with. (But then I'll have money. Isn't it always the way?)


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what!! But if you went I could have replenished my supply of stroopwafels! no-one ever thinks about my biscuit supply when they make these choices....

Mmm a rich hubby! Sign me up.

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