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So, Durham!

The Good:

There's this Cathedral! And it's on a hill! And there are these great streets! And I got to the top of the tower (300-some odd steps)! And the choir at Evensong was freakin' devine!

The Bad:

The casle, which doubles as the university, was closed due to exams. The library is under construction and parts of it you can't get in to. Edinburgh is not actually part of "Northern England", and thus they won't let me take out books.

The Ugly:

Running up all the hills to the rail station to catch the train because Evensong ran longer than it has anywhere else (it was their short service) and I was terrified that I'd miss the train. I think I died.

Overall, it was an amazingly good trip, although the big thing I'm having raptures over right now is that Margery has not only been *in* this historically important library that has tons of things and important books and ancient texts that are actually ancient texts and not copies of them... *goes into spasms of historical excacty*

Apparently they give you special pencils in the library because you're not allowed your own pencils or pens, and these pencils won't damage the ancient texts.

And this place is a University! Why can't *I* go to University in Durham?


(I mean, besides the point that it's really really expensive and the stuff I really want to study they don't offer there.)

Anyway. There will be photos a bit later (gots to go pick up Kristi at the airport) and some meta-commentary about the streets of Durham, I'm sure, and some stuff about Richard III, because isn't there always stuff about Richard III when I spend too much time in Northern England?

(I was just looking at my last few blog entry titles. I'm a bit obsessed with the exclamation mark this week, aren't I?)


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Bust on it being exam time there:(

The university is in a castle? I so want to study there to. I wonder if you can get a Blue in jousting.

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