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I started the new (permanent) job today and if there's one strange thing about working there, it's the scary elevator that I swear is older than my country. It has a gate on the inside, and a gate on the outside, and you can see through it. I'm convinced it's going to lead to my death one day, but I suppose I shouldn't complain - I work in a transformed Georgian Townhouse (and I must get pics, because oh my, do I ever work in a posh neighbourhood) in the old servant's quarters, and walking up four flights of stairs several times a day is not something I'm keen on. Cuz me? Lazy.

Also, both the staff coffee machine and the photocopier are smarter than me, and beat me in epic battles today. The coffee machine takes these... *things*, and they do *things* and later on, out comes hot chocolate. I don't know how it works, but things pop out, and I'm happy.

But yeah, the place I'm working in is absolutely gorgeous. I will not bore everyone with an Edinburgh history lesson, but I will say that the area was built to impress the wealthy in the 1700s, and that I'd have to sell off significant parts of my soul in order to afford one floor in one of these town houses. There are these huge windows that dominate entire rooms, and it's beautiful. I'm really enjoying it.

I gotta say, working in a building that has that much history to it is exciting to my little Canadian mind. *grin*

In unrelated news, I'm thinking of being late to the bandwagon and making up one of those "100 things in 1000 days" lists. I have a hankering to get a bit more order into my random travelling, and having some goals with some deadlines might be helpful there. (For example, I've committed myself to going to Burning Man sometime in the next five years. Which means I may finally stop talking about it and actually do something....)

Yesterday was Mother's Day in North America. I called my mom, much to her confusion. Maybe I should call home either more often, or less...


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Walk those stairs >.

Good luck in the new job Anna!

That sounds awesome! Man, my building was only built like, 5 years ago, haha!

I made a 100 things list but thought it would bore people so I never posted it.

At least the building doesn't slowly try to convince you that it's sentient. That's what BioSci does though.

I swear it's thinking at me.

Congrats on starting the new job! Do you worry about catching your fingers in the elevator gates and having them ripped off? Maybe that's just me.

ok so congrats! how long is this for though?

I know those elevators- they are all over India!

and the Burning Man thing is really intriguing- never heard of it before...

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