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Not Dead, Just Tired

I have had nothing to say lately simply because my new job is taking a lot of energy out of me. But thank you for the kind emails and the like, they made me feel special. *smile*

It's been a busy week work-wise and thus rather boring in terms of blogging. Since I work for some Big Secret Government Body, I obviously can't talk about work at all, except to say that it pays better than what I've been making, and there's no air conditioning. And, it's been leaving me completely exhausted and without energy. But Saturday was fun, in that Don and I went out on a Cow Hunt.

Cow of the Jungle That's right, we saddled up our bus horses and went out on the streets wild plains of Edinburgh, in search of the elusive cow. We complained bitterly that we did not have either cowbow or safarri hats, but armed with my trusty camera, we got several shots at the various cows. I understand there's about 100 of them, and I think I saw around 35. So I'm planning another outing to get more in the near future.

(Needless to say, I have the song "Cows with Guns" in my head right now.)

My understanding is this: It's a charity thing. At the end of the Cow Parade, they'll be auctioned off. I presume they'll end up in a lot of banks and similar businesses, taking up space. I can't imagine they'll end up in a lot of private homes, as they're... well... big and bovine, and not really a good conversation piece, I'd expect.

{Entire set of Cow Parade Photos}

Other than that... well, I got to see the Canadian band Arrogant Worms on Wednesday night, and that was a blast. The whole place was filled with Canadians, although I noted very few with Canadian pins, flags, decals, or shirts. I don't know why I find the behaviour so annoying, I didn't use to. I guess it's because I've only ever noticed Canadians doing it. I don't see a lot of people carefully stitching Australian flags on their luggage, or pinning New Zealand pins on their lapels, but Canadians seem to feel a need to identify themselves as Not!American.

But then, the first sentence I could speak with fluency in Chinese was "I'm not American, I'm Canadian", so really, I have no cause to say anything. But I'm getting more of a sense, I think, of how it appears to other travellers.

Ah well, enough of that. To each his own. I am curious, though, what other people think of it.

Other than that, I've got my time off sorted for my trip to Tintagel. The job allows me flexitime, which is some fancy way of saying if I work late on some days, I can take those hours out on others, and that's nice. I'm going to Cornwall for three days instead of two, and I've got it rather well planned. Exeter, Tintagel, Penzance, Land's End, Plymouth, and maybe Saint Ives. Mostly, I want to go to Penzance because I believe, in my soul, there will be pirates there, and Saint Ives because of that riddle I learned when I was a kid... You know, "When I was going to Saint Ives, I met a man with seven wives...."

I hope I don't meet anyone with seven wives. I'd be worried and start counting things, and it would all be bad.


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Those cow photos are awesome.

You'll often see Australians with a flag patch or a kangaroo toy tied to their backpack. I think it's like cars, you never notice toyota corrollas until you buy one and then you see them everwhere.

Hey Anna - pleased to meet you too. Greetings from Norway:-)

Great to have you back Anna!
I have some pics from the Paris cow parade on my blog, yours are cool!

I think it is the whole seeing what you know to look for thing. I mean, once Raven explained to me about the little NL and DK (and other letters) decals European folks (and/or European descended folks) put on the back of their cars, I started noticing them everywhere. Now, not so much.


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