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So, the looking for a rich sugar daddy thing didn't work out, but that's okay. I found out that if I buy my tickets in advance, the price is a lot less than it is day-of. So, I'm totally spending the day in Durham tomorrow, checking out the Cathedral (and a castle... I'm actually not sure if there's a castle in Durham, I just believe it in my soul) and spending the day just being all touristy. I'll even be there late enough to catch Evensong, which is great.

I'll look for the sugar daddy, though. Cuz really, I'm getting kinda used to being unemployed.

In unrelated questions: Does anyone know why there'd be Fireworks on Wednesday evening? I was sitting eating ice cream and chocolate at this lovely restaurant (to celebrate the new job and all that), looking out over the North Sea, when these fireworks started up. As much as I'd like to think they were in celebration of said job, I sincerely doubt it - but I don't know why they happened.

Oh well, life's mysterious and all that.

Got to head to bed. Yay Durham!


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