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Crematorium Bound

The World Cup started.

I felt the need to tell you this because, well, I've been hearing about it everywhere for weeks now and wanted to share the pain a bit. It's not that I don't care about the World Cup or anything (well, it's true, I don't, but that's not why hearing about it is bugging me) it's that I can't get away from it. Even my least-sporty, never-expressed-an-interest-in-sports friend has informed me he's going to the put tomorrow to watch the Dutch team play.

Me? I'm thinking of things to say in pubs this week that might get me maimed. As a social experience, I assure you, and not out of boredom. No, really. *grin*

Last night was Tango at the Docks, part of the Leith Festival. It was so much fun - lots of people attempting to learn how to Tango from this amazing pair of teachers. There was a gender dispairity, of course, and I was a boy once or twice, but for part of the evening I danced with this *amazing* guy to tango with. I was my usual clumsy self, but he just talked me through it and made me look like I knew what I was doing.

I also danced with a guy from Egypt, which was fun. He kept spinning me around in circles, and was trying to pretend he was looking in my eyes while staring at my breasts. So much fun. *laugh* I'd do it again in a heart beat, and not just for the cheap alcohol. Of which there was lots.

Today is the open day at the crematorium, and there's a sailing boat trip I'm hoping to taky. My day is full, and there will be many pictures. I'm hoping to end it with another cow hunt, as I still haven't gotten any from the Mile.

Oh, that reminds me: Apparently someone has stolen one of the cows. I wonder *what* one would do with it afterwards. I'm hoping it'll show up someplace weird, like in the Scottish Parliment or upside down in Holyrood or something. Ah well.

So, crematorium bound am I. But before I leave, how much maimage do you think this little gem would get me in a pub during the World Cup:

"Why the hell are we watching *soccer*? That's not a sport! I thought this was going to be football!"


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The Oilers made the Stanley Cup final. You just can't escape from the hockey. I know your pain.

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