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Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences 1: In Canada, I know approximately 23 women named Jennifer, Jen, Jenny, or some version thereof. It's a fairly common name for women around my age or a bit younger. I remember in junior high having Jennifer S, Jennfier T and Jennifer T2 all in one class, and my best friend from high school was Jenn, to differentiate her from Jen and Jen.

In Scotland, I now know 15 women named Fiona. And only 1 Jennifer.

Globe Trotter (I'm in love with these cow photos, the whole thing is a hoot.)

This week is the start of the Leith Festival, and I've grabbed my guide and begun circling the things I want to do. As far as I can tell, I need to not only aquire a working Time Turner, but also convince my boss to let me have time off work. I want to be everywhere, all at once. There's walking tours, history talks, more music than you could possibly want to hear, lots of art exhibitions, and most of the churches are offering services and tours.

Cultural Difference 2: In Canada for festivals, they open up musuems or parliment buildings for people to go through and explore.

In Edinburgh, they are once again opening up the crematorium for people to tour.


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