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Only a day away...

I'm so excited! I just have to make it through one more day at work, and then I'm winging my way to exoctic Cornwall for a three-day weekend of looking for the sword in the stone (Tintagel), hunting up pirates (Penzance), and trying to find really big rocks (Plymouth). I cannot wait!

It's been *so long* since I travelled just because I wanted to and not for any other motive. Was chatting with a friend last night and I realised the last place I went that I just wanted to go to was York. This trip feels like a catharsis, and I cannot wait.

Right now up here the sky looks like it might be a cool day, but I believe in my soul I'll by walking along the beach in Cornwall at this time tomorrow. I will look for pretty shells and watch the ocean roll in and relax....

Be back Tuesday!


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Have a great time Anna! Cornwall is beautiful. Make sure you have a real cornish pasty!

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