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Things I Did Not Do In Cornwall, a list, by jo

Things I Did Not Do In Cornwall

1. I did not fall to my death, despite attempts by the landscape to cause this to happen. Note to self: follow the posted signs that say "CASTLE", not "CASTLE VIEW".

2. I did not get rained on at all.

3. I did not find the Sword in the Stone and turn out to be the Once and Future Queen, nor did I stumble on Merlin hiding out in a cave.

4. I also didn't find a mermaid, or turn into one, and am quite disappointed.

5. While we're at it, I didn't leap to my death, either, although the water made it tempting to see if I could jump and not die....

6. I did not get burned to a crisp. No one is as shocked as I am.

7. I did not get drunk on scrumpy. I will have to try harder next trip.

8. I was not, at any point, unhappy during this trip, even during the seven hours total of travel time to see Tintagel. Because it was worth it to see water that blue.

I had a fabulous and amazing time, there are many photos to put up and things to gush about, but right now I'm still knackered from not enough sleep, and when did it get to be after 11:30? Damn it, I was going to be early tonight!


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Scrumpys! Oh how I've forgotten the joy of getting smashed on them. Don't be disappointed about not turning into a mermaid. You're still Ariel to me.

#3 would have been quite the story though;)

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