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Thinking 'bout the past

I've been craving travel so much lately that I've been watching films that take places in "exotic" places I've been so I can be all nostalgic. (And pretentious, I suppose, but at least I limit my "I was there!" to close friends, some of whom were there with me.)

Last night was "Sliding Doors" so I could look longingly at parts of London and be all sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm *so* glad I'm not living there, but I loved visiting. I'm really looking forward to going back and just indulging myself in the things I couldn't do last time. I could probably go to London once every three months for the rest of my life and always have something new to do.

Then there was Shanghai.... I get really sappy when I see films that are set at least partly in Shanghai. I remember so vividly my last weekend there. There was this lovely man from Finland named Ardo that I would have followed back to Finland if I could have. We walked arm in arm up the Bund at night and sat on a patio with an amazing view of the city. It was lovely. I think of him often, although I can't quite remember what he looked like, unfortunately.

That last weekend in Shanghai was the best. I hooked up with a bunch of other expats in the hostel. We sat up till dawn one night, then crept out onto the Bund with a guitar and sang songs, like "sitting at the top of the bay". Chinese people getting up to do their morning tai chi were staring at us, but it was just fun.

My last night there, we all went out for dinner and ate lots of food, drank lots of beer ("reeb" brand, and that still makes me giggle), and laughed a lot.

I have some great pictures from that night. It was a great ending to my trip.

If you're wondering why I'm updating my blog at 9 a.m. instead of being at work, they sent me home yesterday because I was too sick. I find this hilarious, as I wasn't really that sick - I can see, and breath, and my face isn't bright red. But I was coughing a lot. It's surreal working someplace that not only doesn't want me to come in because I'm sick, but also didn't want to risk getting anyone else sick.

I *like* this job. *grin*


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The Bund is pretty cool but I didn't have the experiences you did. Mostly got hassled by prostitutes. I must have that "desperate" face about me!

Tell me about it, I just spent my lunchtime dipping my feet into the Trocadero fountain. I am desperate for a holiday in the sunshine, I am trying to convince my friend Jo that she wants a week in Egypt....:)

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