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Festival Season

I'm a very busy girl in the month of August, and that doesn't even factor in time spent wandering up and down the Mile, people watching and contemplating shows for the Fringe. Nor does it include the Film Festival, now that I think of it. How do people manage to do everything they want to do? I think that next year, if I am living here, I'm just going to take the whole month off and indulge in the Festival Season to its extreme.

If you were intending to buy tickets to the Edinburgh Festivals for GB£142.00, you could instead buy:
  • eleven kilograms of swiss chocolate
  • five cast-iron woks
  • one hundred and forty-two lottery tickets, probably worthless
  • one thirtieth of a high-end liquid-cooled computer with two top-class graphics cards, high-res large LCD display and a physics card
  • six kilograms of silly putty
  • six hundred and thirty-one millilitres of human blood
  • one hour with a London prostitute
  • two thousand, eight hundred and forty carrots
  • six hundred and eighty-three litres of unleaded gasoline (in America)
  • one half of an entry-level desktop computer
What are you thinking of buying?
I might buy for

... which is something to consider, I suppose.

Because it was asked for, here are pictures of us going to see POTC. There are fabulous babes, and corsets, and protesting.


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Dude! Get the 6 kilos of silly putty! It would be WAYY more fun than going to festivals. You would *be* the festival!

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i like!

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