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Never Go Home Again

I've been really busy this week, because all the really cool people were apparently born in July. It's been a great week, although incredibly hot, and coming right on the heels of the trip to Canada, I've been too tired to think straight. But content. Very content. I've got people coming over tonight to formally celebrate the death of my youth, with friends from Canada having contributed recordings to be played as people eulogise me. It may not been a surprise trip to Bali, but it'll do. *smile*

My trip to Canada (just BC - some people thought I'd breezed through Alberta and not called them. I felt so bad!) has left me in a bit of a state. It was little things that kept calling to me - like sitting in the hotel lobbey and having country music playing in the background. I love country music, and I listen to it a lot at home, but there's something nice about just catching a familiar song out of all the noise. I don't get that much here.

I had drinks I grew up around (my mom bought a whole bottle of Rye for me on the last night I was with her, and then we each only had one glass. (I bought myself a little bottle to take home, and someone drank a bunch of it at the wedding. And it wasn't the groom. Or the bride.), and lots and lots of steak. Everything in Canada smells different than it does here. And in Canada, right now, I'm the distant traveller, whereas in the UK I'm considered poorly travelled, having only been to France and China. It was nice.

A lot of things were nice.

But it really was a frustrating trip, with this constant sense of waiting to get back to Edinburgh. I was so impatient in the Gatwick Airport that I started singing songs (Canadians ones, naturally) to pass the time, bouncing on my heels as though sheer force of will could make the plane land faster so I could get on it. Finally getting to the city, and I felt this rush of relief. I was home.

I know it sounds silly, since I keep coming back to this point, but I was actually afraid I'd get back to Canada, have some Timbits, and never want to leave again. I love my friends, and I miss them a lot. But really.... they should just come here more.


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