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Not A Mid-life Crisis

I feel so restless. If my passport wasn't currently at the Home Office trying to convince them I'm a nice person, I may have called in dead to work this morning and grabbed the first train to London. But, since I suspect that France will want my passport before they let me in the country (to steal pastry recipies, of course), and that walking to Australia would be difficult from there, I may have to stay put.

I want to go someplace. I want to do something. I don't know what, though, I just want it to be now.

Me: I'm having a mid-life crisis! I don't want to have a mid-life crisis at 30! I don't want to die at 60!

Him: You're not having a mid-life crisis.

Me: If I am, does that mean I have to start dating women half my age? Because, ew... 15.

Him: No, because you aren't having a mid-life crisis.

Me: What about women two-thirds my age? That wouldn't be so bad... And I could get a fast sports car or something!

Him: You can't drive.

Me: Which would make it all-the-more tragic, don't you think?

Him: ... I'll be over here.

I don't know, I just want to go, now. I don't want to wait, and be mature, and do all the right things. I want to get on the first and fastest plane out of here. There's nothing wrong with the UK, and heaven knows I love Edinburgh, but right now... I just feel so restless.

If I had my passport right now, I'd be filling in my paperwork to Aus. As things stand, all I can do is write sad little blog posts.

20 days is a long time without travelling, at least for me.


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Ehh, don't worry. Everyone has a midlife crisis at 30 these days. For example, my brother. When he hit 30, he filed for divorce and bought himself a motorcycle.

And as for how young you can date, I was recently informed of something called the "Sean Connery Rule." It works like this: divide your age by 2, and add 7. that's how young you can date.

In mathematical terms, if you are x years old, the youngest you can date is x/2 + 7.

So, you're 30? 30/2 + 7 = 22. the youngest you can date is 22.

And if you feel like travelling, just do what I used to do in Japan. Hop on a bus, go to the other side of town, and visit all those shops you like that you rarely get to. (In Japan, that was Kumagaya's Toys R Us.)

Hang on in there Anna, it will all zoom past your eyes and you will be on another plane before you know it.
I am hanging around too and it sucks. Still, Canada in two weeks for me!

20 days is a short time! :)
good to see you're back. I am just startng ( i hope) to get back into blogging

If you want to simiulate being in Australia in your apartment - don't water your plants for a few weeks, turn up the central heating and walk around in your boardies, paint your nose with zinc cream and drink lots of ice cold beer and watch the Wallabies vs All Blacks test match this weekend.

OMG! Based on the 1/2+7 rule you can totally date me! Excitement and Adventure!

*bounces up and down*

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