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Random Amusing Incidents from my trip to Canada

(With very odd values of "amusing")

This is totally my own fault.

I emailed my mom the details for when I'd be getting in to Vancouver, or so I thought. I hadn't looked at the email from the airline, though, and didn't realise that the only information on it was when I was *leaving*. My poor mother ended up in the airport for several hours waiting for me, and when I arrived (after 11), it was too late to get the last ferry back to the Island. There I am, praying for nothing more than a shower and clean clothes, and my 61-year-old mother says "Oh, yeah, we'll be sleeping in the car in the lineup for the ferry!"

We weren't the only ones - we could have had a party, had I been awake enough to enjoy it.

* * *

I bugged Tom for days before the wedding that if he flubbed up his wedding vows, it would mean the marriage would be cursed. (Damn am I lucky that Tom loves me.) This may be because every other wedding I go to, someone mixes up the vows. And because I am mean.

So, the wedding is happening, and yes, someone did flub up the vows - the Justice of the Peace.

* * *

I wore a corset to the wedding (it's like armor, in a way), and had help getting laced into it.

I failed to remember until I got back to the hostel that I didn't have anyone to help me get out of it.

Asking random French-Canadian boys to unlace you is an excerise in ... fun! Yes, fun!

* * *

Trying to be helpful, I bought the groom and best man a drink before we left for the wedding. Two bottles of coke. I carried them both together, handed them both to them at the same time.

Tom's burst open, spraying coke everywhere. Clay's was fine.

I think it may have been nerves.

* * *

The bride was so beautiful that when the groom stood up to do his toast, he looked at her and forgot all the words.


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What a great wedding. "Asking random French-Canadian boys to unlace you is an exercise is fun"..... you hussy!

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